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BG threads [22 Aug 2011|12:11pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Does anyone know of any good Booty Grab threads, besides the popular ones in the GA forum, some secret thread or guild related to Booty Grab?

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Just me? [13 May 2011|12:22am]

Is gaia down for anyone else? I checked "down for everyone or just me" and it said it was just me. But it was up when my computer crashed and it's one of two pages I can't get to...
Edit it was my computer. after clearing out everything, closing tabs, and restarting for a 3rd time it decided to let me on gaia.
Thanks for your comments though ^^
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[25 Feb 2011|12:46am]

So, is Gaiaonline down for any of you?
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gaia mods with attitudes? [24 Aug 2010|06:13pm]
Ugh my friend is trying to get her account back in her control after screwing up when changing her email and password. She filled out a ticket and finally today got a reply from gaia but the mod contacting her was RUDE she shared this with me they didn't help at all instead talked down to her asking her baby questions like what items are and could she "describe" them

and asking her to describe in detail how a trade is done and the one that struck us as really funny they wanted her to describe in detail how she purchases a gaia online cash card.

well she did all that and they are now ignoring her. what should my friend do? they are refusing to even acknowledge she answered. She wants to get her lawyer involved.
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Nitemare Mini Wings Sellers/Owners/Questors. [04 Aug 2010|01:46am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I'm not sure if this is an okay post but I have friend, Leesha, that's been questing Nitemare Mini Wings. She has about a 1oomil worth in items and pure. Does anyone here know of any Gaia users selling their minis or other persons that know the current worth so she can get an idea of much more pure/items she should acquire for her quest? Thanks for any help you guys can give me.


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zOMG! Snail Mail Campaign [16 Jul 2010|04:54am]

[ mood | sleepy ]


I'm here to promote a thread that's campaigning for the new MMO game. You may not know this, but the developers for the game are very limited (as in only 3 full-timers - 2 artists & 1 coder), so any new areas, events, or animated that you might want to see in future updates are becoming farther and farther off the horizon. The same also goes for fixing quest glitches and cycling the servers on weekends when the lag becomes unbearable.

There are so many people that play the game that would hate to see it fail. That's why Sensual Soul has created the thread: A z!Spot Supporters Thread, Snail Mail Letter Campaign

Clicking either link will take you directly to the thread with all the information.

Want a briefing before you click? Basically you're writing a letter to be sent out to the Gaia HQ, care of a certain Dev, explaining to him why you love the game and want to see it get more attention. You can also send your letter to Sensual Soul and she'll print it out and mail it with the others!

If you've never checked the game out, you should! zOMG is still in it's infancy stage, and it needs all the attention it can get! Gaia made such hype about it before it became Open Beta, heck even before it became open to people with the exclusive Headstart Ticket... but now it's just... nothing. Between Aquariums with Booty Grab, all the Cash Shop items coming out every other week (let's not forget the RIGs and EIs in that mess), Gaia's been giving us dedicated gamers the cold shoulder. Sure they'll make announcements when there's a holiday event in the game up, but that's about it. The big guys and gals up at the HQ need to hear us users out, cause the devs busting their butts on the game can only do so much.

Please, help us keep the game alive! Spread the word, we need all the help we can get!

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[16 Jun 2010|06:19pm]

Is Gaiaonline not loading for any of you?
I'm get a servfail message.
If this was a few years ago, I'd be panicking.
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Image Search... [21 Mar 2010|04:19am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Anyone have a HQ screen cap of this image? *points to icon* I've scanned my entire PC and can't find it anywhere and I've been meaning to make each city/area their own drama llama icon for years. XD

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Is anyone else having trouble logging in? [16 Mar 2010|06:29pm]

[ mood | worried ]

Cause... I am and it's freaking me out. I logged out of my main to check on my mule (it's been several weeks since I did) and I couldn't log in to it and despite getting Gaia Alert Mails as recent as the 16th, when I did a password recovery it didn't recognize my email.

NOW I can't log in to my main and I've been logged in for weeks/none of my stuff is missing... What's going on?

Edit: Gaia's working now! :D

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[06 Feb 2010|02:46pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hi all! I'm the co-owner of a charity and we're currently giving out gifts for Valentine's Day. We also have a Guessing Game similar to 20 questions and everyone who participates will win something.

So come on down!

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Please vote for me? [10 Jan 2010|11:01am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I have entered my avatar in the arena. Please vote for me? I spent a lot of time on this one!

My user name is Nichole le Fae :)

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Qixter is Leaving zOMG?! [05 Nov 2009|10:46pm]

[ mood | surprised ]

Wow, I never thought I'd see this happen. I just read the recently posted sticky in the zOMG forum. Did anyone see this coming? I'm just in shock.

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Question about typical mod or admin behaviour [04 Nov 2009|11:15pm]

Hi there. let's say you're a mod and  just helped someone regain access to their lost account good for you

now let's say this person suddenly has to go out of town before even useing the account for anything except posting in the MP and setting up her fish tank.

What do you do?


B) nothing you're done you did your job

C) accuse her of trolling when she's over 5000 miles away and not near a computer due to family death then tell her to fuck off when she comes home contests the ban and offers PROOF of her innocence Then accuse her of REPORTING YOU for doing your job when she has no access what so over because you banned her. For good measure you call her now dead mother the B word as well.

if you picked C then your the mod or admin I'm dealing with

My questions to the users here is is choice C the choice 'my' mod or min picked standard is is there an eight year old mod or admin out there working for gaia when he should be doing his homework or figuring out if pikachu is a good trade for bulbasaur
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[30 Oct 2009|03:51pm]

http://www.gaiaonline.com/demonbusters?sub=followers&user_id=16429438 Follow me if you are in S.I.N!
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Shameless Ad [26 Oct 2009|10:34pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Please come in and post in font size 15 and red :


Thank you. -showers some luff-

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GTC'S Rocky Horror [15 Oct 2009|04:34pm]

I just wanted to put it out there that my (infamous?) project, the Gaian Theatre Company, is doing The Rocky Horror Show this month and auditions are tonight. Rehearsal and Performance schedule, audition info, and all that fun stuff is as always in our thread.
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Concerning Kiki's Road Trip [24 Sep 2009|04:31am]

She, of all creatures to roam the planet, should make a note...

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Vote for Lee Lee Please? =3 [21 Jul 2009|02:52pm]

Dunno if this is quite allowed or not but I wanted to help out a friend. Would you guys go and vote for Leesha in the Avatar Arena. She's cosplaying Eleanor Miller from the Chipettes. =3

http://www.gaiaonline.com/arena/gaia/cosplay-avatar/vote/?entry_id=101547757 http://www.gaiaonline.com/arena/gaia/cosplay-avatar/vote/?entry_id=101559699

I'll delete this post if it isn't allowed.

Edit- Sorry thought the links were included when I posted.

*Edit*- It would be even more awesome if you guys spread the word to your friends to vote. She's ranked 27th. Seventeen positions from being in the top ten. xD
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